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Germany: FDP wants to elect a racist left-winger Ferda Atamanm as anti-discrimination officer

For Ferda Ataman, as the federal anti-discrimination officer, there is a broad majority in the traffic light coalition. After the controversial journalist, who insulted Germans as "potatoes", introduced herself to the FDP parliamentary group yesterday, this also signaled approval. SPD and Greens had previously stated that the Turkish-born candidate should get the post.

According to the parliamentary group, Ataman had to face a lengthy debate with the Liberals, which also included critical questions. Among other things, it was about her many deleted tweets. Overall, however, the debate was very open. Ataman had “done well”. There is no sign that a relevant proportion of the parliamentary group will not vote for her.

Also all FDP Ministers for Ataman
Ataman, who was nominated for the post by the traffic light government, has repeatedly attracted attention in the past with accusations of racism against German institutions, including the health care system. During the Corona crisis, she suggested that foreigners would not be ventilated in German hospitals if the appropriate devices were scarce.

Ferda Ataman worked as a left-wing columnist for Der Spiegel and headed the New German Media Makers (NdM), frequently raising complaints due to the use of seemingly racist remarks. For example, NdM awards an annual negative award for reporting it deems insensitive, called the “Goldene Kartoffel” (Golden Potato). “Kartoffel” (potato) is a racial epithet used by Muslims for ethnic Germans.

She had accused the then Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) of being close to the National Socialist blood and soil ideology because he included the term "home" in the name of the ministry. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) nevertheless offered her a stage at the integration summit. The 43-year-old has also been calling for a migrant quota for years in order to compensate for the alleged discrimination by the German majority society.

Of the 92 FDP deputies, only three have publicly stated that they do not want to elect Ataman as anti-discrimination officer: Wolfgang Kubicki, Linda Teuteberg and Thomas Sattelberger. The four FDP ministers in the federal government accepted the personnel proposal from Family Minister Lisa Paus (Greens).

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