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How the Axel Springer publishing house gives in to pressure from the queer lobby

Behind the scenes of the Axel Springer Group there has been a tremendous bang since a quintet of scientific authors published the guest article "How ARD and ZDF children sexualize and re-educate" in Die Welt on Wednesday. The pressure on the media company seems to be so great that its CEO Mathias Döpfner is now publicly uncomfortable. Around 6 p.m. on Friday he published a letter “on his own behalf”, which had previously been sent to all employees of the publishing house almost word for word: “Our house stands for diversity and freedom” is the title of his apology. As an aside, the title is also changed from "sexualize and re-educate" to "indoctrinate."

The article in"Welt" before and after editing.

Döpfner is the subject - meaning sexual and gender diversity - "particularly close to his heart", but first he is concerned with the matter, "and in the matter - I think - the contribution of the five guest authors is underground". The scientists would generally criticize the public service broadcasters for their reporting on transsexual identities in children and young people and also imply that there are only two gender identities.

Apologies for biological facts
"Scientifically, the text is at best roughly one-sided," the trained journalist criticizes the doctorate scientists. In their contribution to Die Welt, they refer to the dossier they wrote, “Ideology instead of Biology in Public Broadcasting”, which documents numerous evidence of indoctrination and propaganda misrepresentation of biological facts – especially in programs aimed at children and young people. The public appeal that accompanies the dossier has numerous other signatories from various scientific disciplines.

Among the leading authors is Alexander Korte, senior consultant at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich, who has been treating children with transsexual gender dysphoria for about twenty years. In numerous interviews, such as recently in the TAZ - "It's hip to be trans" - Korte warns of the planned self-determination law of the traffic light coalition and of fueling the transgender hype among young girls even further. Like many other doctors, he has observed an exponential increase in transgender self-diagnoses by young girls in recent years .

The trans hype among pubescent girls is a "modern disorder" that takes the place of anorexia, observes Korte, who has accompanied hundreds of such cases as the attending physician. The message from the trans lobby meets mentally unstable girls who have massive problems with their developing femininity. The change to the opposite sex is touted by the trans lobby as the solution to all their problems.

Rainbow home power
Korte also sees a shared responsibility in the many formats of the public broadcasting tailored to children and young people, which “based on the false statement of polysexuality” make being “trans” a permanent topic. Sex reassignment surgery is portrayed as an easy step, and puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and surgical removal of the breast and uterus are downplayed. "However, the mentally and physically serious and irreversible consequences of such measures are either not described at all or, at best, are mentioned in passing," says the warning about the "ideological re-education of the children", which is now causing a sensation. "The public must open its eyes," the five authors demand.

But the "woke" trans lobby is the new home power in Rainbow Germany and the Axel Springer publishing house is now feeling the effects. Döpfner only publicly addresses this much in his letter: "The Sticks & Stones queer job fair organized by the Uhlala Group excluded the Axel Springer company from participating this year in a statement."

Kowtow to the zeitgeist
Döpfner, who took pains to denigrate the guest contribution as "superficial, condescending and full of resentment" and to accuse the assembled biologists and doctors of a "reactionary attitude", left no doubt that he personally and thus Springer as a whole was on the good and tolerant side: For everyone who felt a part of the "LGBTIAQ* community", the guest contribution was "an insult and an impertinence".

What followed Döpfner's kowtowing to the queer zeitgeist is likely to be a plea that is unique in the history of Springer publishing house: Because of a single guest contribution by external authors, "almost 18,000 employees of this company would be held jointly liable," lamented the CEO. Is it really just about the queer job fair? Axel Springer has “been one of the very first companies to support this trade fair since 2010,” Döpfner continued. The exclusion from the job fair is obviously of immense importance. The Uhlala Group, which not only organizes the job fair, but also supports companies such as Microsoft, Coca Cola, Google and SAP in their "LGBTIQ+ Diversity Management" and awards the PRIDE Champion Gold seal to particularly compliant companies, is an example of this.

Axel Springer has its own LGBTIAQ* network
Döpfner does not fear being excluded from any job fair, but the full force of the cancel culture - and that, as the publishing boss lists all the good deeds, "although more than 800 people are involved in Axel Springer's global LGBTIAQ* network", and although the company, like few others, "has not only accepted different sexual identities and ways of life for years, but has even expressly promoted them". Safe zones and all-gender toilets would be the inspiration for this “deeply liberal corporate culture”.

From Döpfner's point of view, it may be like squaring the circle to recapture the guest contribution that the Republic is talking about without alienating the heterogeneous, but tendentially more conservative-bourgeois readership. “Our house stands for diversity. So it does and especially for diversity of opinion”, Döpfner breaks a lance for uncomfortable guest comments in general and the “underground” in particular. Far too many of his readers are aware that the issue of "how and when to deny or allow children to discuss and make decisions about fluid gender identities" is an extremely important and sensitive one.

Expulsion and exclusion
A passage in Döpfner's writing, which describes the spirit of bondage in its essence, comes with the courage of despair: “But exclusion not only hinders debates, but also knowledge and development. Exclusion is the exact opposite of inclusion and diversity. Exclusion and exclusion do not promote tolerance and understanding. But intolerance. It is an almost tragic punchline when, of all things, the fight for diversity and inclusion, for tolerance and freedom of life forms, is waged with the means of exclusion, intolerance and lack of freedom.”

Döpfner's invitation to the Uhlala managing director and organizer of the Sticks & Stones job fair, Stuart Bruce Cameron, to represent a counter-position in Die Welt almost borders on foolhardiness.

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