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What we shouldn't know in Germany

Written by Hans Heckel for Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung.

Why the truth needs to be fought much more decisively now, and how quickly it's your turn

Karl Lauterbach has a lot to do. For several months now, the Minister of Health has been fighting against an investigation into the effectiveness of the corona measures being made public. A council of experts had been commissioned to "evaluate" the regulations for corona containment, and to take a scientific look at them: What worked? And if so, how good or bad? What did not work at all and what damage did the measures cause?

All of that would be interesting to know. But not for Lauterbach, who is obsessively torpedoing the publication of the investigation, which was last scheduled for the end of this month. In the meantime, however, more and more knowledge is dripping through - and investigations from abroad are increasing the nervousness in Berlin even further.

The incidence in Swiss schoolchildren was about the same as in German peers, although federal schools only had to close for eight weeks at the behest of politicians. It was 38 weeks for us. If the 30-week longer closure had been medically correct, the incidence in Switzerland would have been many times higher than in Germany. But it isn't.

And how about the mask? Finland brings results to light that are unfortunately not helpful for the federal government either: There, the health department compared the data from children in the autumn of last year in the cities of Helsinki and Turku (Åbo). At that time, elementary school children in Helsinki had to wear masks, while those in Turku did not. And how did the infection process develop in the two cities as a result? You guessed it: The experts from the health department didn't find any difference. Wearing a mask was completely pointless.

Which does not mean that it remained without consequences, as did the exorbitantly long school closures. According to the German Obesity Society, weight gain in children during the pandemic has reached levels “we have never seen before”. Mental disorders in children and adolescents ran rampant, according to a supervisor, daycare children paint faces without mouths and noses, elementary school students have built up large deficits in handwriting during school at home - and so on, and so on.

All of these facts would of course have to be included in an “evaluation”. That doesn't suit the minister, however. Lauterbach has already ordered another vaccine for 830 million euros. In addition, the SPD politician is fighting for an update of the Infection Protection Act beyond September 23, when the previous law expires.

But in the midst of his efforts, the next bad news is popping up in the house these days: The British have carried out a representative blood test and found out that 99 percent of their population now have antibodies against Corona in their blood. That would definitely be the end of the pandemic, and that's how the Brits behave. For them, the matter is over, everything is back to normal.

Normal? In a "normal" world there would be no place for someone like Karl Lauterbach, he knows that. When FDP bully Wolfgang Kubicki asked Lauterbach's ministry whether such an investigation was planned in Germany, the answer was understandably negative. It is "not clear" whether such an investigation is necessary.

Don't examine anything!
We can see that the situation is difficult and is getting more and more complicated. In order to maintain its claim of an ongoing and still very dangerous pandemic, the federal government, represented by the Lauterbach Ministry, has to increasingly desperately ignore research carried out in other countries and hide its own results, with all their might. And in this situation, of all things, should he do his own investigations that only bring to light more risky truths? He is not stupid!

The only problem is that the truth is now shooting out of all corners so loudly that you can hardly drown it out anymore. Above all from abroad (Switzerland, Finland, Great Britain), which shamelessly eludes the control of the German Ministry of Health and therefore - from Berlin's point of view - constantly blabs. The task now is to get a grip on the harmful effects of this primarily foreign influence on the German debate. In view of the seriousness of the situation, it seems necessary to resort to the toughest weapon of all: the Nazi club. As the movement's post-heroic torch, the mace has served it well enough times to be certain of its effectiveness.

Even before Federal Interior Minister Nancy Faeser had presented her report on the Protection of the Constitution, Georg Maier, her Thuringian ministerial colleague and SPD party friend, gave the direction: "Corona deniers" and so-called Queerdenker (lateral thinkers) should be consistently assigned to the right-wing extremist spectrum (we therefore recommend that members of the Finnish health authority avoid traveling to Germany in the near future). According to previous experience, anyone who has anything to complain about the government’s corona measures, even publicly doubting their effectiveness or expressing reservations about vaccination, can be considered a “denier”.

Maier is extremely clever here, reproaching the “deniers” and “thinkers”: “It is right-wing extremists who incite them.” An ingenious formulation: Should a real right-wing extremist say something about compulsory masks, and you say something similar for a short time later, then you are considered to be "instigated by right-wing extremists". It doesn't matter whether you've ever heard of the extremist or even noticed his omission.

And it goes even further: When Maier calls for the “deniers” and lateral thinkers to be assigned to the right-wing extremist spectrum across the board, that should mean little less than that you have automatically become a right-wing extremist yourself as a result of the successful “incitement”. Do you think this fear is exaggerated? Then look back in your memory what was said to those people who dared to doubt the (fictitious) Chemnitz "hunts on foreign-looking people" in 2018.

The virologist Klaus Stöhr, who is replacing his colleague Christian Drosten at the suggestion of the Union in the “Evaluation” Council mentioned above, is already collecting money for a blood test based on the British model. Minister Maier should keep an eye on the man.

Source: Preußische Allgemeine Zeitung
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