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Why Communism Opposes the Capitalists’ Exploitation of Labour

Written by John (the other John).

When Communists’ claim to oppose Capitalists for allegedly exploiting workers with minimal wages, this is not done for altruistic reasons, but rather because Capitalists are competition for the Communists’ goal for the State to exploit these very same workers with no wages with slave labour. But when these pool of workers are working for the Capitalists, that results in none of these workers being available for slave labour for the Communists.

So basically, if the Communists were to eliminate the Capitalists, then the Communists would have a monopoly on exploiting workers with slave labour. And their mechanism to eliminate their competition is with the use of State force/violence.

Hence, the Communists’ concern is not that Capitalism allegedly exploits workers, but rather that Capitalism does not exploit workers enough; after all, real exploitation is slave labour, and paying wages to workers is done by wimps. (Stated differently with new-speak, Communists want to liberate the workers from a minimum wage, and instead give them zero wages).

That being said, Leftists today oppose the slavery that was committed by people in the US South in the 1800s, but would these Leftists have supported the slavery if it was instead run by the State?

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