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CDU chairman Friedrich Merz complains about cancel culture and the excessive "fight against the right"

The CDU chairman Friedrich Merz has warned of an escalating "fight against the right". "Left-wing activists too often misuse the vague term 'fighting the right' to go against perfectly legitimate opinions on the democratic spectrum or even scientific knowledge," he told Die Welt.

The Christian Democrat went on to say: "In my view, the greatest threat to freedom of expression is now the culture of censorship, which is also called 'cancel culture' in Anglo-Saxon parlance. I see with great concern what is happening in universities in the US; this is now also spilling over to Europe.”

In this context, Merz referred to the case of a biologist whose lecture on gender at Berlin's Humboldt University could only take place under police protection after left-wing students cheered. "This is the opposite of scientific freedom and lays the ax on one of the most important achievements of an enlightened society."

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