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Humboldt University cancels gender talk by biologist

The Humboldt University in Berlin (HU) canceled the lecture of a scientist at short notice before the "Long Night of Science 2022".

The biologist and doctoral student at the HU, Marie-Luise Vollbrecht, is allowed to give her lecture “Gender is not the same as gender. Sex, gender and why there are only two sexes in biology”.

According to Vollbrecht, he wanted to use evolutionary biology to derive - also with examples from the animal and plant world - why there are only two sexes from a biological point of view and that biological sex and gender roles are different things.

But the lecture was canceled for security reasons.

The reason for the security concerns: The self-proclaimed "Working Group of Critical Lawyers at Humboldt University Berlin" (AKJ) had called for a demonstration in front of the main building of Humboldt University. The activists accuse Vollbrecht of "trans * hostility".

The threat of the AKJ: "At our university there is no place for queer hostility. See you on the street!”

A spokeswoman for the HU explained when asked by Bild: “Ms. Vollbrecht’s lecture was canceled in the interest of the entire event and the visitors. The debate about the lecture threatens to overshadow all other offers.”

Vollbrecht: "Radical, violent activists"
Vollbrecht told Bild that the cancellation made her "sad". And further: "The cave-in to radical violent activists who have no understanding of biology is understandable but alarming."

It is no longer possible to speak of an objective debate "when events are canceled for fear of violence". The incident is another example of "the radical means used by gender ideologues".

Source: Bild
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