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Poll: Half of Germans believe in more than two genders

Almost half of Germans agree that there are more than just two genders.

Berlin - This is reported by Bild (Thursday edition), citing a survey by the INSA Institute. Specifically, INSA had asked: "Do you agree with the statement that there are more than just two genders (male/female)?" 49 percent of respondents replied that they agreed with the statement. 38 percent reject this.

13 percent cannot or do not want to position themselves on this. Support is greatest among Green Party voters (65 percent), followed by SPD voters (54 percent) and Left Party voters (51 percent). Union voters, on the other hand, are divided (44 percent disagree, 43 percent agree), while the majority of FDP voters have a different opinion.

However, Germans have mixed feelings about the new self-determination law. From mid-2023, every citizen over the age of 14 should be able to change their gender and first name at the registry office - without psychological reports and other hurdles as before. 50 percent of those surveyed welcome the fact that this procedure is becoming easier, while 31 percent are against it.

However, 59 percent of those surveyed think it is wrong that young people from the age of 14 are also allowed to change their gender information without parental consent, only 28 percent are in favor of it. The majority of Germans are also critical of gender-appropriate language: 50 percent of those surveyed believe that it (rather) harms the German language. For the survey, INSA interviewed a total of 1,005 citizens on July 4th.

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