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Switzerland: White people play reggae and concert is canceled

Bern - The concert by the group "Lauwarm" in the Bernese brasserie "Lorraine" was canceled because the band played reggae. Its members have white skin, but some wear dreadlocks and African clothing. If whites play this music and adorn themselves with these hairstyles, it is considered “cultural appropriation” in the left-wing scene and is strictly frowned upon.

During the appearance in the left-alternative scene, several visitors expressed "discomfort with the situation", the brasserie justified the termination on Facebook. The organizers regretted that the performance "evoked bad feelings in people". They apologized for the alleged "takeover of one culture by members of another culture". Rasta pigtails and reggae music are basically reserved for Jamaicans. The Neue Zürcher Zeitung reported on the incident.

Similar incidents in Germany
The band, which also belongs to the left scene, no longer understands the world: "We felt insulted because nobody from the audience approached us when we played that evening," said musician Dominik Plumettaz of the NZZ. He defended himself against the accusation of racism: his band's performances are neither about provocation nor about cultural appropriation. "We are inspired by other cultures and other styles of music, develop them further and make our music that way."

That should be over now. After the cancellation of the concert, which made headlines, it should be difficult for "Lauwarm" to find venues. And so the brasserie also said that the band had been invited to the performance at all because of their own "lack of awareness". The audience "should have been better protected". On August 18th they want to offer an information evening on the subject of cultural appropriation.

Similar cases have also occurred in Germany. Most recently, "Fridays for Future" had invited the musician Ronja Maltzahn from a performance because she was wearing white rasta braids. However, she was given another chance: "If you decide to cut off your dreadlocks by Friday, we would of course welcome you to the demo and let you play."

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