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Young Europeans only conditionally willing to take in refugees from the Ukraine

Hannover - 68 percent of young people show a high level of willingness to take in refugees from Ukraine. However, the willingness to help decreases rapidly if they have to put up with higher food, petrol and energy prices: only around a third would accept higher costs here.

This is the result of the study "Young Europe 2022" published by the TUI Foundation, in which the living environment, identity and political attitudes of around 6,000 respondents aged 16 to 26 from seven European nations were researched.

In the perception of young people, climate change is a greater threat than the corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine. A majority of those surveyed (58 percent) support state regulation on the subject of climate protection and see the government as having an obligation to use taxes and regulations to ensure that products and services are climate-friendly. At the same time, 69 percent of the study participants see a high degree of individual responsibility.

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