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Corona warning app in Germany: Vaccination status will be recognizable by color

Karl Lauterbach reveals a new update for the Corona warning app (CWA). Different colors give different rights in the future. This system already exists in China.

Federal Health Minister Karl Lauterbach defends his controversial corona plans for the fall. There is criticism above all of the plan to exempt only newly vaccinated people from the mask requirement. This would also put people who have already been vaccinated three or four times at the present time legally on an equal footing with the unvaccinated. However, Lauterbach does not believe that people will be vaccinated every three months from autumn onwards in order to be exempted from the mask requirement. He writes that the idea is "absurd". And further: "No doctor does that, no one wants that."

Lauterbach sticks to his plan, defends the new Infection Protection Act and affirms: “If vaccines that protect against infection are available in the fall, they should also be beneficial for those who have been vaccinated. You can not do without a mask in the interior in the fall. An exception would be justifiable for those who have just been vaccinated.”

Karl Lauterbach: "A different color of the certificate is planned for the CWA"
However, if too many people make use of this exception, "we would change the rule and close the exception," Lauterbach announced. A "general mask requirement in the interior or test would then be a consequence". The Minister of Health had previously said about the mask exemption for newly vaccinated people: "That will certainly be an incentive for one or the other to think about whether they would like to be vaccinated."

In this context, critics fear that it will be difficult or impossible for restaurateurs, cinemas and other affected facilities to quickly and easily check how often a visitor has already been vaccinated. And whether he has to wear a mask or not. Lauterbach contradicts: "The fact that 'freshly vaccinated' cannot be checked is also wrong, on the CWA (Corona-Warn-App, editor's note) a different color of the certificate is provided. Easier than 2G+ before.”

"Despite four vaccinations and Paxlovid, I had stronger symptoms"
The system with different colors already exists in China. So-called “Health Code” apps play a crucial role here. The apps create movement profiles and display the state of health. Depending on the color, the users then have different rights. A green code allows free movement, orange and red mean quarantine for up to two weeks.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Health is on the mend after his corona infection. According to Lauterbach, things are “slowly improving”. Nevertheless, Covid-19 is “no small thing. Despite four vaccinations and Paxlovid, I had more severe symptoms than expected.”

However, it is still unclear when Lauterbach had the fourth vaccination given. The Federal Ministry of Health denied this information. A spokesman: "Please understand that we cannot go into details on medical matters."

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