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Diversity update: July-August 2022

Once again, our diversity update, with some of the clips you don't usually find through mainstream media. Enjoy the "multiculti" ride!


TVE is interviewing a tourist while one of the usual suspects steals the bagpack of another tourist, who comes later asking for help. Total indifference from the journalist.

"What do you think of Barcelona, the beach, the good weather?" starts the journalist.
- "I love Barcelona, the beach, very beautiful," [and at this moment you can see the thief] "...the water is clean and cold."

- "What do you like of Barcelona?", continues the journalist with a very deep question.

- "The beach, the weather, very beautiful women and also food, for the big belly."

At the same time you can hear the victim asking for help, but the journalist and cameraman who see everything could not care less: "Someone has seen him?"

"Don't fuck me! Please, my backpack! Please!"

Muslims bring the 3rd world to Europe, who needs to travel when you can have this in your own continent?

Alcalá de Henares
In the video you can hear a man saying "the cops are hitting those who are not black".


The usual cultural enrichment brought in by Africans.

African migrants rapes Ucrainian woman.

Somwhere in Italy...
Another engineers showing his skills, this time with his jacket. A fully integrated individual.

The Netherlands
Man is attacked and robbed by Sudanese migrants.


Trans activist attacked by Muslims.


Just a normal day.

African migrants storm and hijack asylum camp for Ukrainian refugees in Paris:

A "French" man unhappy with the underground in Paris. Well, actually his name is Houcine G., and he is an illegal migrant from Algeria (in France they refer to it as "irregular situation"), known to the police as a radical Muslim.

Somewhere in France
Some British tourists got their holiday vacation ruined by two stowaway engineers hiding in their roof rack carrier.

Another European, this time a French experienced the enrichment of some illustrated visitors.


Police collaborate with Islamists to brutalize Christian woman: Christian preacher, outspoken critic of Islam and Speakers Corner regular, Hatun Tash, was arrested on the 26th June 2022 after an attendant at the Sunday event called the police on her. Hatun was strip searched and held in a jail cell until 4 am, then released without charge. Hatun reports earlier that day her copy of the Quran was stolen from her hands; one of the men accused of being involved denies stealing the book, and instead accuses Hatun of physical violence. Police are called on Hatun again a week later, on the 3rd of July, despite no crime being committed. Speakers Corner attendants on this day, some of whom were witnesses of the prior week’s incident, give their opinions about the way the police are acting.

More examples of the multicultural London:

"Refugess" are not happy with free stuff alone, they seem to demand 5-star accomodations:

Notting Hill Carnival.

LGTB activists attacked by African migrants. White passangers casually moving away with fear in their faces. That's the reality in Europe.

Asylum seekers in 4-star hotels while poor British citizens sleep on the streets.

Somali migrant learned a lesson after refusing to pay the train ticket, and hitting a female inspector.


The new Europeans...

More Europeans in Dublin!


"This is not Denmark, this is 'Paki-land'"


Man with a machete on the streets, again totally normal.

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