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German politician says protesters shouting 'liars' and 'get lost' are undemocratic

Berlin - SPD General Secretary Kevin Kühnert has asked demonstrators to leave protest marches where “undemocratic” slogans are used. According to him if you shout "rabble-rousers", "liars" and "get lost" then you are against democracy.

On Thursday there was a protest at a performance by Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) in Neuruppin. "We have to put up with that," Kühnert clarified. “It is legitimate to call for protests. It is legitimate to hold up signs. But if people are shouting anti-democratic things, you have to keep your distance and walk away, common sense tells you that and anyone who is still sane should be able to do it.”

Kühnert: Troublemaker want to see the system fall
But for a few years there has been "a small proportion of rowdy people" who have no legitimate concerns, but rather an "anti-democratic attitude". Such people would always oppose, no matter what the issue. One must distinguish citizens who express understandable criticism from those “who want to see this system fall”.

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