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Germany: Habeck wants to implement blackout plans as soon as possible

Robert Habeck's new energy-saving packages. Now the darkening of Germany should proceed quickly - no objection is expected. The propaganda machine of the public service media is running.

The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate has confirmed Tichys Einblick's exclusive report that, in order to save energy, Germany will be darkened by switching off advertising lighting after 10 p.m. and banning the lighting of monuments, closing shop doors, banning pool heating and lowering the room temperature in public buildings should come to 12 to 19 degrees - depending on the activity of the employees. This ordinance is to be passed in the federal cabinet next Wednesday and will apply from September 1st – then it will be dark in Germany.

It should also get colder quickly in the apartments
The temperature should also be lowered in apartments: "Tenants will have more leeway to save," says a paper available to TE in the best Orwellian language: Lease clauses that demand a minimum temperature to prevent mold should be suspended. Therefore, these contractual obligations should be temporarily suspended, “so that tenants who want to save energy and turn down the heating can do so. As a rule, damage to buildings should be prevented by appropriate ventilation behavior.”

The package should now be implemented very quickly. According to Habeck, the “short-term ordinance” required for this does not require the approval of the Bundestag and Bundesrat, only the cabinet, and should apply from September 1st.

The "Medium-Term Ordinance" on the expansion of LNG terminals and gas storage requires the approval of the cabinet and the Federal Council and is only to apply from October 1st. The earliest Federal Council meeting would be on September 16th and the Economic Committee will meet on September 1st, so that October 1st is the target date of entry into force.

According to the current cabinet schedule, both drafts are due to be voted on in the cabinet next week, on August 24th.

No contradiction to be expected
The states are not expected to object – on the contrary. Rather, the CDU Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Daniel Günther, demands that "limitation of the room temperature must also be possible in private apartments". That would mean that in the future a "temperature police" will check the heat. For the Green Minister President of Baden-Württemberg, Winfried Kretschmann, none of this goes far enough: You don't have to shower every day. "The washcloth is also a useful invention," says Kretschmann. So is hygiene behavior also checked and controlled?

Habeck's plans are an admission that the energy shortage in Germany will continue to worsen and last for a long time. His dreams of receiving gas from Norway, Qatar or Canada have burst. In view of the billions invested in production and shipping, delivery contracts are usually concluded with raw material exporters for 25 years, not in line with the short-term perspective of German politicians from the Greens.

This is the end of a free basic order; it will be replaced by a climate surveillance state that examines and controls the behavior of its citizens down to the most private details.

These are the most important rules for private individuals

Section 10 – Shop doors and entrance systems in retail

Permanently keeping shop doors and entrance systems open in retail business premises is prohibited and only permitted in exceptional cases in which keeping them open is necessary for the entrance to function as an emergency exit or escape route.

Section 11 - Restriction on the use of illuminated advertising systems

The operation of illuminated or light-emitting advertising systems is prohibited at night from 10:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. of the following day, unless this is prescribed for reasons of public safety or by or based on a legal or official order.

Section 12 – Minimum air temperature values ​​for work rooms in workplaces

For work rooms in workplaces, the maximum values ​​for the air temperature specified in § 6 paragraph 1 sentence 1 apply as minimum temperature values.

on this: 6 (1) In work rooms in public buildings, the air temperature may be heated to the following maximum values:

1. for physically light and mostly sedentary work 19 °C,

2. for light physical activity mainly standing or walking 18 °C,

3. for moderately heavy and predominantly sedentary work 18 °C,

4. for medium-heavy activity mainly standing or walking 16 °C and

5. for heavy physical activity 12 °C.

In addition, heating systems, pumps, thermal baths and hot water distribution are to be strictly controlled in the future, as is the insulation of pipes. This should be done by chimney sweeps and plumbers who can force access to rooms and apartments.

The advertising in the state media is running. The WDR published a reassuring message for women: International data contradict the fear that the danger for women increases when street lighting is switched off.

Above: "Do you enjoy making fun of women's fears?!"
The banner says: "Electricity saving - Turning off street lights: does it threaten our safety?"
"Oh, all dark! Is that dangerous when I'm out?" says the woman in the illustration. "Rather unlikely! International studies show that more or less street lighting has little effect on the number of violent crimes."

Source: Tichys Einblick
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