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Germany: More claims for compensation for suspected Covid vaccine damage

The number of applications for compensation for suspected Covid vaccine damage rose sharply in 2022.

Berlin - This is what the Welt am Sonntag writes, citing its own survey of all federal states. Since the start of the vaccination campaign, the pension offices have received a total of over 4,400 applications for compensation. According to media reports, in January of this year there were only 1,200 applications.

"The number only increased significantly between January and April 2022," says the Ministry of Health in Thuringia, for example. According to the federal states, 96 of the 4,441 applications have so far been approved, for example cases of cardiac muscle inflammation, leg vein and sinus vein thrombosis, fatigue syndrome or cardiac output reduction. To date, 743 applications have been rejected, 219 have been withdrawn or submitted on account of responsibility and 3,383 applications have not yet been processed.

Depending on the case and federal state, the waiting time is usually between 5 and 18 months. According to the state authorities, the reason for the high number of outstanding cases is the time-consuming process of obtaining documents from the treating physicians and preparing medical reports. In addition, those affected are only entitled to compensation if their health impairment lasts longer than six months.

Photo: Andrew Milligan / Reuters
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