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“Ghetto Blacks”: The Modern Definition of “Blackness”

Written by John (the other John).

The same groups of people (woke white billionaires, race hustling blacks, media, University Professors, governments, corporate CEO’s, etc…) who actively dictate that ”whiteness” is synonymous with “white supremacy” and “systemic racism” as the dominant white culture, those same groups also implicitly dictate (without affirmatively saying) that “blackness” is synonymous with “ghetto black culture” as the dominant black culture[1] (but dare not say this)[2]. So basically in their narrative, the US is a battleground between white Klansmen versus ghetto blacks. And anyone attempting to contradict this narrative will be silenced and ostracized.

We all know that these warped definitions of “whiteness” and “blackness” are aligned with the outer fringes and least desirable members of their respective societies (as opposed to the vast majority of the people in these groups). So why are they doing this? Because it is a distraction so they can continue to plunder the Treasury and gain even more power whilst we fight amongst ourselves.

So basically, billionaire white Leftists merged with race hustling blacks to define “blackness” as “ghetto black culture”, instead of (for example) Clarence Thomas for law, Thomas Sowell for economics and philosophy, Dr. Ben Carson in medicine, or George Washington Carver in science.

1. Gang violence, and disturbingly deviant perversion.
2. Who gets more positive press, black doctors or BLM? Yup, you got it, BLM helps them accomplish their sinister goals of more power; but you cannot say this, shhhhh.

Photo: AP/Mel Evans/Edit: PostDiscus
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