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Education Ontario Distributes Falsely Alleging Thousands Of Unmarked Graves Uncovered IN Canada


Education Ontario workers were sent a notice wrongfully claiming thousands of unmarked graves from former Indian residential school sites in Canada have been discovered. 


“Here's an all-staff memo to Ontario Education Ministry workers, claiming (falsely) that 'thousands of unmarked graves of Indigenous (sic) children continue to be recovered at formal [sic] residential school sites,'" said Quillette associate editor Jonathan Kay in a Friday tweet. 


There are limitations with ground penetrating radar in determining whether soil disturbances could be confirmed as graves without excavation. 


No bodies have been exhumed at many of the former residential school sites. 


Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Marc Miller said people questioning the unmarked graves are engaging in “a pattern of denialism and distortion that has coloured the discourse on residential schools in Canada.”


As the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation approaches, the memo said staff should “remember to use this day to learn and remember the history and legacy of residential schools in Canada and honour the victims and survivors.” 


“The symbolism of the orange shirt has taken on a different meaning as the painful work of recovery continues in several communities,” said the memo. 


“The Ministry of Education and the education sector have a critical role to play in truth and reconciliation.” 


It said the Ontario Public Service (OPS) and Education Ontario will observe National Truth and Reconciliation Day through active learning and reflection. This means staff are expected to spend this day as dedicated time for learning and engaging in reflection through discussions or individually. 


The memo said Education Ontario wants to reinforce the deputy minister’s message and share indigenous OPS employees who wish to speak about their personal healing journey should speak with their managers. It said management is committed “to receive and support these requests with compassion, understanding, and flexibility.” 


Education Ontario said Friday is not a regular workday. Staff have been directed to reschedule meetings where possible and limit emails and other daily tasks. 


The ministry put out a tweet honouring the holiday. 


“Raise awareness,” it said. 


“Learn the legacy.”




Source: Western Standard

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