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The Dimming (Full-Length Climate Engineering Documentary)

A full-length documentary on chemtrails and the likes by the boys at  These guys are not red-pilled on Flat Earth or NASA (meaning "to deceive" in Hebrew), but Dane Wigington is a real-life John Galt and they know their stuff as far as chemtrails are concerned.


 Much longer than my usual content, but well worth the watch (especially since THEY have gone completely haywire with the spraying here in Europe right after THEY "terminated" the Covid PSYOP in mid-March). Are these sprayed nanoparticles a depopulation tool exclusively? Could they be a terraforming operation for the Reptilian creatures and other Demons-incarnate? Or is it just an environmental liability from a decadent Davos-Military elite at the end of New Rome, one that has believed its own lies regarding climate change and global warming? Is this related to 5G and the Vaxx in any way, shape or form? If so, how? What is the true purpose of these chemtrails and why aren't we all dead yet considering how much they have been spraying for years now? You decide! Leave your take in the comments. 

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Source:   Geoengineering Watch

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