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The "MLK Challenge"

Written by John (the other John).

This dieversity lie is so intensely forced upon us that it seeks to supersede the data and evidence of the reality of the ghettoization of some neighborhoods and inner cities. The extent of this diversity theology (and CRT and white fragility, etc...) seek to dilute and ultimately to destroy our most primal fears of banditry and crime (despite the true stats and our own life experience). Whether it is crime, vulgarity, perversion, profanity, thuggish behaviour, etc..., the wealthy wokeist honkeys who promote this diversity live far away from these problem areas, so they immune themselves from this reality and instead live in a world of pure fantasy in which “diversity is a strength”, “white people bad, black people good”.

So for all of these wokeist do-gooders who can name-drop black people whom they admire and acquaint themselves with, I suggest that you challenge them to the “MLK Challenge” (Martin Luther King). As a side note, every major/minor inner City has a "Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard", so because this name has familiarity to these fools, they will gladly accept the challenge. The rules of this game are as follows:

* they go to the local MLK Boulevard
* at 2am
* by themselves (no security)
* carrying a large sum of money
* preaching about black oppression by whites
* and tell them all that their generational problems were/are caused by whites

Then you watch closely as those lily white honkey's faces turn even whiter out of their own deathly fear of black people prior to them then calling you a "racist".
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