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WATCH: Trudeau says he's for free speech except if people insult him


 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said people should be free to express their opinions so long as they do not harass others with them. 


“While always ensuring and defending free speech, we must make it clear that it cannot be OK to bully and attack people online,” said Trudeau in a Monday speech. 


“Governments and especially big technology companies need to safeguard people’s data and privacy and address online harassment and violence to ensure trust in technology.”


Trudeau spoke about how Canada is leading on artificial intelligence. 


He said he is leading the charge to introduce legislation to protect people’s privacy online, with particular provisions to defend children. 


Bill C-11, which would control what Canadians can post online, passed second reading in the Senate on Oct. 27. 



Popular Canadian YouTube host JJ McCullough said Bill C-11 will work against content creators. 


"What this means is there are a lot of Canadian content providers who are worried their content won't pass the muster of what the CRTC (Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission) claims will be Canadian enough in this new algorithm that the federal government is going to mandate,” said McCullough. 


Trudeau said on Nov. 7 his focus has been standing up for people’s fundamental rights. 



 “The proactive use of the notwithstanding clause suspends people’s fundamental rights and freedoms,” he said. 


“This government will never back down from standing up for people’s rights and freedoms.”





Source: Western Standard

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