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German journalists remain silent as Baerbock employs a stylist for 7,500 euros a month and Habeck pays 100,000 a year for a photographer

By Boris Reitschuster.

You don't even know what is more unspeakable: that the Federal Foreign Minister, in the worst economic crisis in the Federal Republic's existence, in which countless normal citizens have to tremble for their existence, affords a stylist for 7,500 euros a month. Or that a large part of the media keeps it secret - especially those who are firmly on the red-green line. The story was brought to light by Bild. Colorful reports from the tabloid newspapers are otherwise happily taken over by the other media; quite different in the case of politically explosive revelations, where the red-green saints of modern times are not as holy as they should be.

Bild writes: “Her hairstyle is right, your complexion is rosy – not a trace of tiredness. Make-up and hair stylist Claude Frommen lets Baerbock shine. Responsible for this: Claude Frommen. The make-up artist has been working with Baerbock since June 2018 and has many top-class customers on her list. And what does Frommen do for Baerbock? She lets them shine! The Foreign Minister has changed a lot in terms of appearance over the past few months.”

At the request of Bild, a spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Office said: "Ms. Frommen takes care of the make-up and hair styling of Foreign Minister Baerbock for picture and television appointments." She also accompanies the minister's "picture and television appointments on trips abroad".

Baerbock apparently learned that from the green mother Merkel. She always had a stylist with her. And, as my inquiries at the federal press conference revealed, I was able to appear in front of the camera with my hair done even when normal mortals were unable to visit the hairdresser because of the lockdown.

There are just equal and equal. And the more someone acts as a moralizer and fighter for social leveling, the more exceptions they claim for themselves, in my experience.

The Austrian portal writes: "He keeps a photographer for 100,000 euros a year. She employs a stylist for €7,500 a month. We are talking about the Green politicians Robert Habeck and Annalena Baerbock. They hold court at taxpayers' expense, as was once the custom at the Palace of Versailles.”

The portal also states that the two "have formed a vanity coalition and are fighting for the 'nicer' appearances in public – at the expense of the taxpayer, of course." Bild writes: "The make-up artist is a freelancer, receives a 'flat fee of 7,500 euros/month' from the Foreign Office. This also includes the “very time-consuming” trips and the “numerous appointments at weekends and at special times of the day.”

Why on earth does the taxpayer have to pay for a minister's styling? Can you imagine something like that in the old Federal Republic? The Greens preach renunciation and live luxury. They have equipped the government apparatus with a whopping 758 new jobs. Habeck wants 101 of these official posts for his followers. In this respect one can only agree with Roland Tichy if he feels reminded of “Versailles” in view of such conditions.

As little as I am now surprised by such audacity, because our rulers are now trusted to do just about anything - I wonder why the people in Germany let themselves be done with it. Don't they get it because the big media are silent and bellyache? Or have they fallen into political apathy and don't care?

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