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Tesla’s Third Largest Investor and Elon ‘Fanboy’ Calls for Musk to Step Down as CEO


KoGuan Leo, Tesla’s third-largest shareholder and self-professed Elon Musk fanboy is calling for Musk to step down as CEO, stating that he has “abandoned Tesla” and the company has “no working CEO.”


Futurism reports that KoGuan Leo, Tesla’s third-largest shareholder and a self-professed Elon Musk “fanboy,” is calling to remove Musk as CEO of Tesla. In a tweet, Leo stated that Musk has “abandoned Tesla and Tesla has no working CEO.”


In another tweet, Leo stated that “Elon was the proud father, Tesla has grown up. An executioner, Tim Cook-like is needed, not Elon.”



Leo owned roughly $3.4 billion worth of Tesla shares as of August, making him the third largest shareholder at the company just behind Musk and Oracle founder Larry Ellison. Leo does not appear to be the only high-profile Tesla investor who is unimpressed with Musk’s Twitter drama and believes he is spending too much time focusing on the social media firm. This controversy also comes shortly after Musk himself sold another $3.5 billion in Tesla shares.


Gary Black, a hedge fund manager who owns around $50 million worth Tesla stock and has been a prominent supporter of Musk and Tesla, recently tweeted: “There is no Tesla CEO today,” as Tesla stock price continues to drop.



The same day, Black tweeted that Tesla’s brand has been negatively impacted by Twitter drama:



Musk attempted to downplay Tesla losing $600 billion in valuation in recent months, claiming that Tesla is “executing better than ever” and that the company doesn’t “control the Federal Reserve. That is the real problem here.” Black was unconvinced and disagreed with Musk noting that Tesla shares are down 33 percent since Musk’s Twitter takeover:




Source:  Breitbart

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