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Germany: How the ARD manipulated the report on the New Year's Eve riots

Who were the perpetrators of the riots in Berlin? There are figures and statements about it. Apparently, the editors of the ARD news program Topics of the Day do not want to impose them on their audience.

Similar to the New Year's Eve attacks in Cologne in 2015/16, those responsible for ARD believe that their viewers shouldn't find out too much about it, even after the serious riots in Berlin. Above all, don't do the wrong thing. For its report, ARD's "Topics of the Day" took over an RBB interview with Berlin firefighter Baris Coban, who describes how he and his colleagues were attacked by a mob on New Year's Eve with firecrackers and gas pistol shots.

Above: "'The Daily Topics' have shortened the interview with fireman Baris Coban so much that the statement that most of the attackers on New Year's Eve in Berlin have a migration background is missing."

The editors of the news program made a cut at the crucial point. In the RBB interview, Coban said: "I call the child by its name (...) They were adolescents, mostly with a migration background." Exactly this passage is missing from the ARD report. There, the interview only goes as far as the passage in which Coban previously spoke only in general terms of “young people”.

The “Topics of the Day” commentary then goes on to say that “more than a hundred” people were arrested in Berlin, “most of whom are men”. Here, too, the crucial data was missing: in fact, the Berlin police temporarily arrested 145 people on New Year's Eve. According to the authorities, only 45 of them have a German passport. Overall, the police found participants from 18 different nations. Particularly striking: 27 came from Afghanistan, 21 from Syria. The proportion of non-Germans in Berlin's population is a good 20 percent.

A slew of left-wing tweeters echoed the Topic of the Day narrative of “teen and male” while omitting origin. The former Berlin State Secretary Sawsan Chebli triumphantly tweeted the number of 45 arrested with a German passport. The total number of those arrested was dropped under the table.

Above: "Small tutoring for Chebli: 45, 27 and 21 of a total of 145 arrested."
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