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Tucker Carlson does a masterful takedown of WEF covering up evidence of its terrible track record of advice




Maybe you are already sick and tired of all the attention being paid to the elites meeting in Davos for the annual World Economic Forum gathering.  They are, after all, a pretty repulsive bunch, a collection of self-involved, arrogant elitists, what CDR Salamander calls a "wannabe gaggle of quasi-oligarchs and autocrat throne sniffers" (hat tip: Glenn Reynolds).


But for all their hypocrisy (flying in on hundreds of private jets while demanding that the rest of us give up our internal combustion engines, dining on steak as they demand we eat bugs, and driving up the price of hookers), they are able to shape politics and policy all over the world.  In their own minds, they may be the natural aristocracy that the lesser orders of humanity need to be guided by, but in reality, they are delusional, intoxicated by their collective status and power, and therefore completely unaware of the limitations of their minds — not to mention the fact that their founder and fearless leader does an excellent version of a Bond villain.


Tucker Carlson led off his Wednesday edition of the top-rated program on cable news with a spectacularly funny and cutting takedown of their false pride and the disasters that they have brought on and then covered up.  The analogy to the "man behind the curtain" in the Wizard of Oz was perhaps too obvious for Tucker to indulge in, but it certainly seems apt.  The Great Reset so far has been a catastrophe.


If you missed it, watch and enjoy


Source: American Thinker

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