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Wokeland: Dispute about new language rules for the Berlin police

The Berlin police have new language rules - and with them a new dispute.

Berlin - The State Criminal Police Office (LKA) had requested that terms such as "asylum seekers", "refugees" and "southerners" be avoided in the future. Instead, police officers are said to speak of "people seeking asylum", "people seeking protection" and "West Asians". "The reality of life in Berlin is that young men from Turkey, Iraq or Lebanon are often involved in criminal offenses," said the head of the German Police Union (DPolG), Rainer Wendt, to Bild.

Because of the politically correct language regulations, he fears a "veiling of reality". "The neutralization of language and the adaptation to politically correct use of language from the left-wing political milieu want to suggest a harmless reality," said Wendt. But anyone who remembers "the `Cologne New Year`s Eve` a few years ago" knows that not "everything is just colorful and diverse, but that, for example, the migration policy of recent years also has its downsides - the best language school can help there nothing".

Because of the problems to be dealt with in Berlin, such as clan crime, Islamists and climate activists glued to the roads, such recommendations for new terms "acted like a mockery of the workforce". The Union interior expert Christoph de Vries (CDU) said the same to the newspaper: "The Berlin police officers have pretty much the toughest job in our country. They deserve trust and political backing instead of a left-green language code and instructions from above."

De Vries also sees no legal basis for this: "How can it be that established legal terms such as 'asylum seekers' are to be erased from common usage and instead politically friendly terms 'people seeking protection' are prescribed? I see no legal basis for this. Behind it There is a general suspicion and a deep-seated distrust of the police in the red-red-green Senate. This nonsense has to stop."

The domestic policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Alexander Throm (CDU), also criticizes the new "language etiquette" used by the Berlin police: "Misunderstood consideration by Red-Red-Greens is wrong in a description of the perpetrator in place. A description must be objectively accurate and understandable to all." That also includes all the external characteristics of a killer. The Berlin Senate should support the police officers in their "important and difficult task of fighting crime and not constantly stab them in the back with bureaucratic hurdles," said the CDU politician.

Photo: Remix News.
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