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Wokeism (noun)- /wōk-izəm/

Written by John (the other John).

Wokeism (noun)- /wōk-izəm/

1. A scheme concocted in the Universities, and now financed by the wealthy and powerful elite that seeks to monopolize power, by them weaponizing mental illness, criminality, laziness, incompetence, and the low IQ of unfit/weak/demented people, by manipulating them to believe in objectively false and imaginary grievances, in which the only remedy is to envy, hate, discriminate against, intimidate, and steal from (and if needed, to eliminate) a targeted meritorious group who supposedly have an un-pure and tainted identity.

2. Victims (winners) and villains (losers) are arbitrarily (yet strategically) chosen based merely on identity; these designations are not based on actual real life events, but rather by the wicked desire of ruthless despots to profit from the chaos that they orchestrated.

Historical examples for the concoction of racial hierarchies:
1. 19 th century Democrats
2. 20 th century National Socialists

3. A tool used by non-believers and companies to avoid social and economic isolation and/or to profit socially and economically and/or to exempt one’s self from laws/rules/morals/ethics/values due to correct-think.
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