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General Motors Teams Up With Bill Gates To Install Orwellian AI in Millions of Cars



As the global elite at the World Economic Forum (WEF) continue to push their agenda for a so-called “Great Reset,” new information has emerged about their plans to use artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool for controlling society and stripping away our sovereignty. In a recent announcement, General Motors (GM) revealed that it will soon be equipping its vehicles with the highly-controversial ChatGPT AI robot system, which is notorious for its woke ideology and potential for abuse. This move is part of a larger collaboration with Bill Gates’ Microsoft, and has raised serious concerns among critics who fear that the WEF’s ultimate goal is to create a dystopian future in which humans are reduced to nothing more than mindless automatons under the control of AI.


For many years, Microsoft has maintained a “long-term strategic relationship” with GM, so it is not surprising for the tech giant to be unleashing such technology in GM’s vehicles. In 2021, GM’s automated vehicle company Cruise joined forces with Microsoft to utilize its Azure technology to create “self-driving” cars.


In order to compete with the likes of Tesla, which is producing AI-controlled, “self-driving” cars with Elon Musk’s blessing, GM is aiming to incorporate the latest in spying and surveillance apparatus in its vehicles as well.

In an interview with Reuters, GM’s vice president, Scott Miller, ominously claimed that “ChatGPT is going to be in everything.” This move will be far greater in scope than the voice command systems that currently exist in many GM cars, allowing drivers to communicate directly with their vehicles.

One news report described this car-specific layer technology as a “distinctive virtual helper that is customized especially for its cars, giving customers a more thorough experience.” However, this is a disturbing development as it shows that corporations like GM and Microsoft are willing to sacrifice people’s privacy and autonomy for profit.

Moreover, the use of AI in cars raises serious questions about the safety of drivers and passengers. Can an AI system really make the right decision in an emergency situation? Recent events have shown that AI systems can be highly fallible, and the consequences of mistakes in driving situations can be catastrophic.

The integration of ChatGPT into GM vehicles is a worrying trend that should concern us all. It is part of a larger push by globalists to use AI to control and manipulate people, and ultimately, to consolidate power and control over society. We must resist this trend and demand that corporations like GM and Microsoft prioritize our privacy and safety over their profits.




Source:  News Punch

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