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If China Invades America, Will Leftists Rejoice?



God forbid there be a military conflict with China.  Yet as tensions increase over Taiwan, spy balloons, and escalating rhetoric, the prospect of a skirmish or broader conflict with that massive nation is a daunting cloud over America.  Traditionally, one would expect such a menace to unite Americans, yet today's far left despises the Constitution and the nation, and indeed tradition itself.  More, the left ignores the human rights abuses of nations such as China in its derisive slanders against America.  Bent on destroying the nation from within, will the left simply roll out the red carpet for Red China if it attacks America?


After all, the grand utopian fantasies of the America-haters is firmly grounded in Marxism — a power grab to create some new yet undefined authoritarian nirvana.  Deconstructionists destroy — even themselves.  The gullible cluelessness of today's postmodern truth-deniers extends to contempt for gender science, the family unit, heterosexual normativity, even math and economics.  Ignorance of the universal failures of Marxism does not deter the would-be nihilists: those who wave rainbow flags professing love of liberty spout hatred for their neighbors and nation.


And so why would they not welcome China as liberators?  As anarchy in the streets transforms more and more American neighborhoods into desolate Portlands, the plan appears to be to unleash chaos so that authoritarian domination can prevail.  Those who elevate "personal identity" as the highest moral value are simultaneously statists who demand that an omnipotent federal government crush individual rights to free expression, faith, and assembly in order to impose the woke cult.  This schizoid splintering of normalcy seeks to mutate America's "thousand points of light" into thousands of rabid Antifa thugs. 


In The War on the West, British author Douglas Murray observes the odd contempt of the West-haters, who seemingly ignore China's treatment of Uyghurs.  The far left defends extremist Islam while demonizing Judaism and Christianity.  Murray writes:


[I]t is remarkable that the new religion believes not just that it owes nothing to its origins but that its origins are in fact part of the problem[.] ... The West's sources — the traditions of Athens and Jerusalem — are in fact the last place that the new devout would look to for guidance or consolation. (p.156)


In a chapter in the book titled "China," Murray chronicles how that nation is expanding its colonizing dominance even as liberals in the West provide eager escort, and denounce past colonization by the West.  Murray exposes this insanity:


Most people around the world want to think well of themselves and of the country they are born into. ... All of this is a very unusual game to be playing. No societies outside the West are engaged in the same self-scourging enterprise. ... Aside from the historical illiteracy of the anti-Westernism of our day, there is something else going on here. It is a gigantic moral presumption. That presumption is the idea that nobody in the world can do anything wrong unless the West has made them do it. A presumption that is quite understandably wrong. (pp. 65 et seq.)


Academic (Marxist) elites are rarely held accountable for praising Stalin, Hitler, or Mao.  As Eric Hoffer noted, "[o]ne of the surprising privileges of intellectuals is that they are free to be scandalously asinine without harming their reputations."  Leftists condemn MAGA while lauding Mao — why would they fight to defend America?


In The Marxification of Education, James Lindsay equates the current social justice indoctrination in U.S. schools to Maoist brainwashing in China.  The social justice methodology of conscientization, dubbed "the pedagogy of the oppressed," parallels China's path, and,


literally, is to hold up the models of Che Guevara and the Chinese Cultural Revolution — where the brainwashing occurred — as clear success stories[.] ... Of course, aside from teaching children to destroy Chinese historical culture and shame and kill their parents, the method of education and re-education established by Mao Zedong to achieve this "success" is precisely the thought reform (brainwashing) process he employed to reorient people to the "people's standpoint."  (pp. 107, 108)


Dostoevsky famously concluded his prescient novel The Possessed this way: "Starting from unlimited freedom, I conclude with unlimited despotism."  This succinctly captures the headlong rush by many of today's Democrats into chaos and societal suicide, dragging the nation along for that demonic ride.  If Chinese soldiers landed on our nation's shores, perhaps they would be offered "the jobs that Americans don't want" or embraced as political refugees and offered free driving licenses and health care.  Or rather, they might be exalted as victims of racist marginalization due to past American transgressions against Chinese railroad laborers and offered racial reparations and free housing.


As Os Guinness concludes in Zero Hour America, "[i]dentity politics has no place for the notion of human dignity, individual worth, and personal responsibility" (p. 152).  This is the identical commie creed of China, touted by America's leftist enemies within.  David Horowitz shares the same observation in Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America (at p. 30):


Today [Progressives] no longer call their earthly redemption "Communism." They call it "social justice." Like Communism, social justice is an impossible future in which the inequalities and oppressions that have afflicted human beings for millennia will miraculously vanish and social harmony will rule.


Indeed, the Chinese Communist Party extols the "Harmonious Society" as its official societal goal — for which the individual must sacrifice, and which shall be achieved using constant high-tech surveillance, brutal lockdowns, and government domination of both the economy and media.  This system is indistinguishable from that proposed by America's postmodern social-justice-warrior race-baiters and nation-haters.


Malcolm X saw that "[y]ou can't hate the root without hating the tree."  Far-left contempt for the American creed extends to all humanity, a broad misanthropy by so-called environmentalists; globalists who seek to control the world so that human overpopulation will be stymied, and people will own nothing and be free.  Whether utopian or nihilist, American self-hatred is welcomed by China, which is being practically invited by the American left to invade the borders of a nation divided against itself.


With a few more years of Marxist social justice such as Biden's executive order edicts on race, climate, electronic currency, and transhumanism, the Chinese will have no need to launch an attack.  They will simply annex America and Taiwan as allied territories, and drop Hunter another check.


 Source:  American Thinker

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