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Progressives Go Apocalyptic in Transgender Debate


Missouri’s progressives are using apocalyptic claims to denounce the new state regulations that protect children from transgender treatments.


The escalating rhetoric is prompting Republican politicians to urge calm before transgender advocates initiate or provoke violent actions.


“We’re winning on the issue,’ said Will Scharf, a GOP candidate for the primary race to pick Missouri’s next Attorney General. “The left is getting increasingly violent because they’re losing on the issue.”


Democrats are getting “crazier and crazier and crazier,” he told Breitbart News.


“We are fighting for our lives — quite literally for LGBTQ folks,” tweeted Jess Piper, the director of Blue Missouri, a pro-Democratic fundraising group. “BTW: it’s fascism,” she added.


“Actively participating in a genocide of trans people is hardly a disagreement over politics. Our blood is on your hands”, tweeted “Megs,” who describes herself as a “45 year old tired queer trans non-binary person,” and also as  “Bipolar. OCD. Riddled with anxiety. Literally a goddam mess of a human being.”


“This is fascism — and fascist policies and fascist politicians demand Anti-Fascist responses,” said a tweet from Daniel Bogard, a rabbi in St. Louis who says he has a “transgender” child.




Bogard continued:


It is time for new tactics. These people should not be welcome in civil society. They shouldn’t be able to go to restaurants in St. Louis or Kansas City and be left alone — they should be shouted and driven out. They shouldn’t be able to go to a Cardinals game without being harassed. These people should be made unwelcome everywhere they go. I say this as a clergy member and as a parent of a trans kid to our Attorney General: Fuck you


The Democratic outrage emerged after the state’s Attorney General Andrew Bailey set new safety rules for transgender treatments to minimize the risk of more harm to children and teenagers by over-enthusiastic advocates and therapists.


Bailey set the rules after a whistleblower exposed what she claims were unethical and dangerous policies at a hospital that sells transgender-related medical services.



Transgender medical services include surgery to graft fake penises to young women:




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