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Big Scandal over Research that claims 'Meat is Dangerous for Health'



The ideological claim that it would be dangerous to eat meat is now questioned by nearly 1,000 experts, reports the New York Post.


The researchers, who base their recommendations on a series of studies, warn against the trend to blame meat eaters and the claim that a plant-based diet would be well-balanced enough.


The researchers behind the new appeal are of a completely different opinion.


“Livestock-based foods provide a wealth of important nutrients and other health-promoting compounds, many of which are lacking in diets even among higher-income populations,” they write.


“Affluent individuals may be able to achieve adequate diets even if meat, dairy products, and eggs are severely restricted. However, this approach should not be recommended for general populations,” the experts continue.


According to the researchers, previous research, which allegedly shows that a diet rich in red meat caused 896,000 deaths worldwide, is flawed and should be retracted.


In fact, removing fresh meat and dairy products from diets would harm human health. Women, children, the elderly and low-income earners would be particularly adversely affected, says Alice Stanton of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.



Source:  EU Times

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