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Putin WARNED him this would happen, he didn't bluff | Redacted with Clayton Morris


You know those depleted uranium tank shells the United Kingdom sent to Ukraine? Reports say that Russian missiles blew them up this weekend. 


Footage of huge explosions near the city of Khmelnytskyi show that Russia targeted ammunition stores in advance of the “planned counteroffensive.” The mayor of that city reported that the city itself was not targeted but that buildings were damaged by the blasts and at least 21 people were injured.


 The military administration in that region confirmed that “critical infrastructure” had been hit by at least four Russian drones. Blowing up uranium is a biological hazard. The UK was warned about this but chose to send these weapons anyway.


 Now Germany has committed another $2.9 billion in arms for Ukraine and Zelensky has indicated he will not give up power and hold elections as long as his war powers are in place. Which could be forever.

Source:     Redacted  on  Rumble on Twitter

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