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Democrats Defend Bidens Stupidly at Whistleblower Hearings


There were no counterarguments to the IRS whistleblowers – Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler – at yesterday’s hearings. Democrats tried to divert attention from them with nonsequiturs and rants about Donald Trump, which were irrelevant. The best was when two congresswomen fell back on RAAACISM.


Rep. Raskin said the star witness (Gal Luft) is a fugitive from American justice. Luft was charged after he came out with evidence of Joe Biden’s crimes that corroborated the whistleblower’s comments. He also has evidence and his statements corroborate all the whistleblowers – Joe Biden was involved in trading favors for money with the Chinese Communist Party that rules China.


Democrats did not disappoint in their numerous attempts to distract from the evidence. Attacks ranged from comical to bizarre and the comical were bizarre.


Rep. Raskin claimed he didn’t hear any evidence after hearing all the evidence.


Democrat Rep. Daniel Goldman was worthy of special mention. He tried to prove Joe Biden was not implicated in Hunter’s crimes but accidentally showed the opposite:






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