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‘Today It’s Israel, Tomorrow It’s Us’: After Israel Attack, GOP Warns of Terror in U.S. Due to Joe Biden’s ‘Asinine’ Open Border Policy


Republican officials are slamming President Joe Biden’s “asinine” open border policies that have allowed in “military aged men from all corners of the world,” warning of potential terror attacks in the U.S. and the likelihood of terrorist “sleeper cells” as they point to the recent brutal attacks in Israel that saw terrorists breach the border and murder hundreds of Israeli civilians while taking dozens as hostages, warning, “Today it’s Israel, tomorrow it’s us.”


Highlighting Israel’s costly failure to secure its border over the weekend, Republicans are speaking out on the increasing threat of terrorism on U.S. soil due to poor border security that has already seen an unprecedented amount of people on the terrorist watchlist caught attempting to cross the southern border, leading to concerns of untold amounts of others who have managed to successfully infiltrate the country.


“Now is the time for bold action,” declared former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). “Here’s how America must meet the moment: 1. Rescue all American hostages 2. Provide full support for our ally Israel 3. Confront Iran and the new Axis of Evil 4. Focus on securing our own open border 5. Condemn antisemitism in the United States.”


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