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Javier Milei is the new president of Argentina

Milei is the new president of Argentina with 55.7%, beating Sergio Masa, the current economy minister, who obtained 44.2% of the votes.

What I can say with a certain degree of certainty is that the Milei government will face unparalleled challenges due to the current economic situation and Peronism, the political movement of which Massa is a part, and which always had a coup and mafia attitude from the opposition. .

It is likely that Milei will not be able to end his government in peace, since Peronism has warned that they are going to take to the streets, block roads, loot and kick him out in case he takes measures that they do not accept.

The Peronist opposition itself warned in a strategy of instilling fear in the population that Milei will be a dictator, that he will build concentration camps, that he will censor and kill people. They compare him with the dictator Rafael Videla, and even with Hitler. They said he is a misogynist, racist, censor. They never said that when he was simply a media economist. Everything changed when he decided to announce his candidacy for president. Something similar happened to Trump.

These comparisons have radicalized feminist minorities, LGTB and left-wing activists in general, generating violent acts and physical attacks against the militants of La Libertad Avanza, Milei's party.

Milei's plans for Argentina
  • Dollarization of the economy, so that prices can be stabilized in the long term.
  • Elimination of the Central Bank, because Milei considers it to be the source of inflation.
  • Elimination of Public Works, it will be private as in Chile.
  • Adjustment of the political class, for this purpose it proposes eliminating and unifying ministries:
  • Elimination of the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Territorial Development and Habitat, Ministry of Women, Gender and Diversity, Ministry of Public Works, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Tourism and Sports.
Some of the eliminated ministries will become part of a new one, the Ministry of Human Capital.

Only the following ministries will remain: Economy, Justice, Security and Defence, External Relationships, Infrastructure, Domestic Affairs.

  • Creation of a 3-generation plan to cut state spending, subsidies, social plans and strengthen individual independence.
Controversial views
Sale of human organs (2022)
In June 2022, he declared himself in favor of allowing the sale of organs between private parties and eliminating all state regulations. According to Milei, “it is just another market,” and “my first property is my body.” His statements caused the rejection of the INCUCAI (Single National Central Coordinating Institute for Ablation and Implant). However, the economist acknowledged that it was a personal opinion and that the country was prepared for that discussion in 200 years.

Sale of children (2022)
In June 2022, when asked about the sale of children, his answer was: "No, it depends... It depends on what terms you are thinking about. (...) in an anarcho-capitalist world you give a place to customs and customs. It goes a legal framework appears as a consequence of people's decisions and perhaps, in one of those contexts, it is absolutely reprehensible and is not done; it has to do with what society decided and thinks certain things... Me, if I had a child "I wouldn't sell it, but again, it's not what Argentine society is discussing, maybe 200 years from now (…)"

Accusations of denialism (2022)
Milei has been accused of being a denialist for maintaining that "there were not 30,000", referring to the number of missing people from State terrorism during the National Reorganization Process. Finally, he would clarify that he condemns the dictatorship but that the guerrillas of the time should also be condemned.

Complaints against journalists for relating his image to Nazism (2021)
In 2021, in an interview with Viviana Canosa, Milei expressed that libertarians were superior to leftists productively, morally, and aesthetically. The next day, journalist Pablo Duggan pointed out that talking about aesthetic superiority today is something horrible. For him, the idea of aesthetic superiority is closely related to supposed racial superiority, a concept used as a fundamental argument and flag by Nazism.

Plagiarism accusations (2021)
He was accused of plagiarism by an anonymous Medium user, where it was claimed that in some of his opinion columns for El Cronista and Infobae he copied fragments of texts from various intellectuals from the Austrian School of Economics without citing or attributing authorship.

Media complaint for alleged sexual favors (2023)
In February 2023, Mila Zurbriggen, president of the Libertarian Generation group, announced the separation of her space from La Libertad Avanza, denouncing in the media that within the coalition "people are put in suitable positions for sexual favors," ensuring that the way in which the leadership is handled "is a lack of respect for the militant youth" and accusing Milei and his party of "using them only for their interests."

A strange personal life
According to Juan Luis González Author of the book "El Loco", although without providing detailed sources, assures that Javier Milei cloned his dead dog, named Conan, and that Conan speaks to him about the afterlife through a medium who manages to communicate with dead pets.

According to this book, many of Milei's decisions are made on the advice of his dog. He was also accused of having a "strange" personal relationship with his sister.

None of these accusations were confirmed, although in many television interviews Milei did not deny them, and gave strange and very vague answers.

He is a very particular character and perhaps his emotional stability puts at stake the only opportunity Argentina has to get out of Kirchnerist socialism.

Milei is the hope, but perhaps he's not good enough for Argentina's future.

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