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Thousands of Farmers Blockade Brussels During EU Summit, Orbán Joins Farmers, ‘New Leaders’ Needed


The farmer revolution against the green agenda landed on the doorstep of the European Union, with thousands of farmers descending on Brussels as leaders of the 27 member states came to the city for a summit on Ukraine, one of whom, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, expressed support for the uprising. Listen To Story


While EU leaders hailed their sending another 50 billion euros to Ukraine on Thursday, they were greeted by thousands of enraged farmers who hurled eggs and set manure fires outside the European Parliament in protest against the stifling regulations of the green agenda and of the globalist free trade agreements undercutting their labour, including the decision by Eurocrats to give Ukraine agriculture tariff-free access to the European market.



BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – FEBRUARY 01 : Farmers blockade of Brussels during the European summit on February 01, 2024 in Brussels, Belgium, 01/02/2024 ( Photo by Philip Reynaers / Photonews via Getty Images)


An estimated 1,300 tractors gathered in the streets surrounding the parliament building as of 10 am on Thursday, according to the Brussels-Capital-Ixelles police. Police said that they are currently searching for culprits who tore down the statue of British-Belgian industrialist John Cockrill outside of the parliament.


Farmer protests also broke out in other regions of Belgium, including blockades surrounding the port of Ghent, where over 400 tractors gathered on Thursday, as well as a complete shutdown of the E40 motorway near Oostduinkerke, De Standaard reports.





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