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German Green Youth calls sticking to the 40-hour week “unfeminist”

For the leader of the Green Youth, Katharina Stolla, the demand for a four-day week is also a feminist project to achieve an equal society.

Berlin - “It is unfeminist to stick to the 40-hour week,” she told Stern. You can't work so much and take care of the children and household at the same time, said Stolla. "As long as we don't change that, the man usually works full time. And the woman works less often and earns less money or suffers from a massive double burden."

Options such as working time accounts or part-time work were not enough: "It's something completely different to say right from the start: We have a four-day week that allows you to reconcile family and work," said Stolla. “We should remove this hurdle on the way to an equal society.” Stolla demanded that a four-day week with full wage compensation become “the standard” for all employees. “For example, I think 30 hours a week is good,” she said.

"There has been a huge increase in productivity in the last few decades, so we should afford the four-day week."

Photo: Britta Pedersen / picture alliance / dpa-Zentralbild
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