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Germany: more and more refugees arriving by plane

BERLIN. The number of migrants entering Germany illegally by plane has increased in recent months. According to Die Welt, the federal police registered 6,175 such cases by the end of July this year. This is on average for the month more than in the year before, in which the total number was 10,289. The majority of the flights came from the Schengen area. The figure of illegal entries by plane should be higher. Surveys by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees have shown that every third asylum seeker claims to have arrived by plane.

The Federal Government had already confirmed this in March 2018 in response to a request from AfD MP Leif-Erik Holms, about which Junge Freiheit reported. Meanwhile, the federal government has classified the numbers as a confidential information - "for official use only". The information could have "an influence on the security of the Federal Republic of Germany" and is therefore, not intended for the public. Holm criticized the action of the Federal Government and suspected: "Apparently, the answers are so explosive that Mr. Seehofer must lock them away in the poison cabinet, so as not to unsettle the citizens."

Gauland: The government does not have the situation under control
The AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland commented: "The Federal Government still has no control over the situation at the borders. This clearly shows the increasing number of illegal entries by plane."

It was particularly annoying that most flights came from the Schengen area. According to the Dublin agreement, the inmates should have applied for asylum in another country and had to be rejected at the border. "In view of the high number of unreported cases, the Federal Government must act swiftly and effectively prevent illegal immigration by plane to Germany immediately," Gauland demanded.

"Immer mehr Flüchtlinge kommen per Flugzeug" (Junge Freiheit, 23-09-2019)

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