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From “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” to “Innocent Until Proven Woke”

Written by John (the other John).

In the West, we have a concept known as “innocent until proven guilty”, which means that a person is presumed to be innocent of an accusation (even if caught on video) until proven guilty by a court of law or a jury, with the burden of proof falling on the accuser (or prosecutor). This presumption favoring the accused extends beyond a criminal courtroom, such as in the context of breach of  contract or a civil tort action, in which the burden to prove the issue falls upon the accuser.

The origin of this concept is in the Bible in Deuteronomy 24:16, which states “Parents are not to be put to death for their children, nor children put to death for their parents; each will die for their own sin”, which means that every person is judged for their own individual action(s), as opposed to be categorized as guilty for something the person never committed, but which was committed by someone else. Of course the Bible did not reference who has the burden of proof (whether the accused has to prove his/her innocence OR whether the accuser has to prove guilt).

This concept was expanded by the English and the Americans by stating that the accuser has the burden of proving the allegation. This concept became the global model for accusations. But now this concept is not only under assault, but it is on its deathbed approaching extinction. Today, if a person has the most undesirable identity as a SWCCESM (straight white conservative Christian English-speaking male), then your DNA possesses the original sin of being hateful, bigoted, racist, Islamaphobic, a N@z!, xenophobic, misogynist, homophobic, thus such a person is presumed guilty! But in all fairness, the presumption of guilt can be rebutted, but the accused has the burden of proving himself as ‘woke” (which includes that they are sensitive to causes supported by every favorable identity group and/or donate large sums of money to such causes; which in essence is the equivalent of castrating one’s self).

As we witnessed with how the wokesters treat Trump, Farage, Brett Kavanaugh (Justice of U.S. Supreme Court), etc…, any and all accusations are presumed true (despite the lack of any corroborated evidence); and if a person is “woke” (ex., Biden, who was photographed multiple times groping women [including breasts]; Trudeau, who wore blackface at a black-tie event; Bill Clinton [too many examples to give, such as rape]; George S, collaborated with German
N@z!s to steal from Hungarian Jews prior to the Jews being sent to concentration camps), then any legitimate criticism is not only ignored and concealed, but the accused is attacked for making the accusation.

We are on a dangerous path to tyranny, but as long as the rico-suave Hollywood crowd puts a pretty face on this, then the average uneducated person and woketard is perfectly fine this. Woke? White’s Obliterated Killed Everywhere!

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