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Italy: Salvini threatens with referendum if the asylum policy is changed

Lega chief Matteo Salvini has threatened the new Italian government with a referendum should it reverse its immigration and security laws.

"I want every Italian to know who he's voting for," Salvini said at the annual Lega rally in the Lombard town of Pontida, northeast of Milan. For other referendums, with which he wanted to slow down the government, he had already voted with other center-right parties.

The former Home Secretary criticized the new Five Star Movement and Partito Democratico for accepting immigrants from the refugee aid ship Ocean Viking. "The problem is that Italy will become a refugee camp again." The non-governmental organizations had celebrated. "Immigration looks bad in the coming months," he added.

Here is Italy, which will win, stressed Salvini before his supporters. "Hatred and fear do not live in Pontida. With a smile you react to the insults. Here are no armchair glue, here are men and women with values. "According to the Lega, 80,000 followers came into the place, more than ever before.

In view of the failed coalition with the five-stars, he added: "I would like to leave seven ministries to the traitors, because we will get them back in a few months with interest."

In an interview with the Corriere della Sera , Salvini then announced that his party would use all the tools that are available in democracy. From the mayors to the regions, they would oppose the government.

Salvini had ended the coalition between his party and the Five Star party in early August and called for new elections. As a result, President Sergio Mattarella had commissioned Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte (non-party) to form a new government to which Five-Star and the Social Democrats came together. The Lega is currently in polls at 35 percent, making it the strongest force.

"Asylpolitik der neuen Regierung: Salvini droht mit Referendum" (junge Freiheit, 16-09-2019)

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