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More crimes from "refugees" against Germans

More and more attacks and murders against German citizens committed by refugees. The following is an example of news you can find in single day.

Woman who taught German for refugees is killed by Moroccan
Hanover - A Moroccan (32), accused of having killed a 61-year-old woman has been arrested.

He is said to have hidden Patricia H. in her apartment in Hanover-Ahlem under thr sloping roof of her house. Last Wednesday 11th, she was discovered there by police officers after she was reported missing by relatives at the end of August. Patricia H. is said to have given German lessons for refugees in the area.

Did they know each other? The Moroccan is silent. According to the police, the Moroccan wanted to settle abroad. Sunday afternoon he was arrested in his car between Göttingen and Kassel.

According to prosecutors, he is being investigated for "the urgent suspicion of murder".

Smoker stabbed three times by Iraqi refugee
Düsseldorf - Because of dangerous personal injury the district court Düsseldorf sentenced Amanj S. (26) on Monday after two-week process to 18 months prison. In March, he stabbed the entrepreneur Stefan M. (52) three times with a butterfly knife and seriously injured him.

Reason for the dispute: The refugee from Iraq was drunk and kicked a cow sculpture in front of the restaurant "Marli" on Kaiserswerther Straße. Restaurant guest Stefan M., who was smoking a cigarette just outside the door, questioned his behavior. The argument soon escalated to physical aggression and Stefan M. ended up stabbed three times.

According to defense lawyer Marc Nöthling, the first physical attack is said to have been initiated by Stefan M. Nöthling went on with his plea demanded acquittal as he considered the refugee was acting in self-defense.

Pensioner beaten to half-death
Offenburg - It was in May when retiree Detlef J. was viciously attacked by Ali M. (25), a Somali refugee with residence permit. According to Bild, he was on his way home from playing Kniffel when he met Ali M. near the Offenburg train station. The migrant screamed "Allahu Akbar," and knocked the pensioner to the ground, kicking his head several times.

Detlef J. fell into a coma, can no longer eat independently. He lost memory of his life and has been blind in one eye ever since.

A day before, the refugee was caught by the police accused of beating a taxi driver in Freiburg, but he was released a few hours later. Then, at 1am of the night of the attack to Detlef J. the migrant was seen again screaming about Islam and hammering on the window of a station bar.

"This calamity could have been prevented. The perpetrator was arrested by the police the day before the crime, after beating a taxi driver. But he was released again." said the victim's son, Ralf J. (50).

Even on the night of the crime, the refugee was twice the official of the Federal Police."Why did not anyone stop him?"

"We are suing the Federal Republic for damages, because it has to answer for this violence because of their uncontrolled migration policy. We want our dad, in his dreadful condition, to at least live a dignified life in a nursing home. But we sons do not have the means to make it happen." said the son to Bild.

Now the Somali has released a letter where he admits being guilty of the attack, but doesn't offer any compassionate word for the victim. In the letter he only writes about himself and blames cocaine as the reason why he had such a violent behavior.

It is clear that the migrant is expecting to get a suspended sentence because he claims to have been incompetent at the time of the act.

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"Flüchtling stach Raucher vor Restaurant nieder – Knast!" (Bild, 16-09-2019)

Photos: Bild.

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