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Sweden: multicultural town to reduce the heat of retirement homes to save money

SWEDEN. The municipality of Motala faces a tough financial situation. According to the data published by Aftonbladet, there is a deficit of over SEK 20 million (1.82 million euro). One of the solutions that have been proposed is to reduce the heat by 3 degrees Celsius in premises belonging to the municipality.

Motala is one of the 110 municipalities out of 290 facing deficit in 2019. This comes after Sweden took hundreds of thousands of refugees, currently living on welfare.

Among the premises affected are retirement homes. "Of course we want to take care of the elderly, they should not sit and freeze in their homes, for example, they may have blankets. But that is a small part, we have many other premises in the municipality that have high temperatures and where it does not matter that we lower it," said Kåre Friberg, a municipal council in Motala.

Christina Tallberg, president  of the Pensioners' National Organization, PRO, responded strongly to Friberg's words. "The statement is derogatory and offensive and gives the impression that he does not know what he is talking about. The elderly who live in retirement homes pay high fees for housing, care and food - and their pensions are also taxed", she said.

"The elderly can have blankets" (, 24-09-2019)


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