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Brown privilege

Written by John (the other John).

People such as Donald Trump and Nigel Farage (and many others) get accused of something called “white privilege” (whatever that may be) for anything they say/do that is not approved by the elites (media, academia, government officials, Judiciary, Ministry of Truth, etc…) , thus Trump (and others) are labeled as “racist”, “N@z!”, “fascist”, “xenophobe”, “Islamaphobe”, “misogynist”, etc… They get called this even if they do something as simple as defending the borders of their own nation from invasion. Under Trump, the U.S. never invaded another country, and his goal is world peace (which arguably, seeking peace is somehow “racist” nowadays; do not ask me how, ask these Leftist loons). So the lunatics protest violently and angrily because Trump respects/enforces the national border.

How this is relevant today (October 2019) is that President Terdogan of Turkey ordered his military to cross a national border and murder Kurdish men and women. (Trump never did this). But noticeably, the Leftist lunatics are not violently protesting against Turkey and Terdogan; instead, the loons are pleading to Terdogan to stop the killing, to respect the border, AND they are demanding Trump to send the military there to enforce the Syrian/Turkish border (huh, respect the Syria border; am I missing something here).

So at first glance, when a Euro-American leader (a white dude) promotes good public policy (such as peace and protecting/respecting borders),the loons call it “racist” and “white privilege”; but when a Turkish President (labeled a “brown” dude, though his skin colour is lighter than mine; please explain that to me) promotes war and disrespects borders by invading another nation, the loons plea to him. There is no other explanation to this other than it being “brown privilege”.

I can give dozens of more examples of “brown privilege”, but for the sake of brevity and for staying on point, I limit this discussion to Turkey.

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