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Tox Alpha Males

Written by John (the other John).

I had a discussion with a lib-femme-fatale recently about her hatred of men, and there was nothing positive she had to say about men (except that Obama was a true gentleman who never harassed women [no shocker about that]). I was not looking for confrontation, so I wanted to sound agreeable, so I said to her “toxic alpha males are absolutely terrible; that is, except when a bunch of punks are breaking into your home, and you are in absolute fright while holding your young children in your arms. And while all this is occurring, your beta-man is hiding in the closet shivering and scared $h!tl€$$. It is about this time that you would wish that you had married a toxic alpha-male who would defend you and the kids, and shoot these yutes straight to h€!!”.

I then proceeded to politely state that it was/is women who create toxic alpha males, and it is females who allow them to flourish. Basically, I am a firm believer that natural evolution plays a huge role in determining who lives and dies. What this means is that life, death, character traits, genetics, and personality (such as masculinity) are defined by women and with whom they choose to breed. So if females chose to breed with weak beta-men, then beta-men would flourish in numbers; whilst the alpha-men would have no women to breed with, thus natural evolution would result in alpha-males becoming extinct. But what I witnessed my whole life is that the toxic alpha-males always have a female in their arms, while the beta-men are home alone.

Moreover, it is females who tend to raise and educate the children; whether it is the mother, the grandmother, the daycare worker, or the elementary school teacher. So if anything, the problem with raising young boys is NOT too much masculinity in their lives, rather it is the lack of masculinity in their lives. But much like any other lib, they take no responsibility for their actions/choices (just blame men; yawn!!!).

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