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Diversity and cultural enrichment in the Royal Family and religious leadership

Written by John (the other John).

I am writing an open letter to all Progressive activists to join me in support of diversifying and culturally enriching the Royal Family and the religious leadership. The Royal Family has existed for centuries, and since its inception has been ethnically and culturally homogeneous, along with the Palace being robotic in its decision-making by rejecting progressive opinions and instead doing things “the old fashioned way”. This traditional and conservative mindset has stifled progress and original thought. The same applies to religious institutions, in which a group of old culturally/ethnically homogeneous men dictate how religion should be practiced, whilst ignoring new ideas.

So what the Royal Family needs is a young person with fresh progressive ideas of diverse ethnicity and gender-fluidity to modernize the otherwise staleness of the Royal Family. The same applies for the religious institutions. So to solve this problem, the Royal Family needs to have a Prince marry a young African gender-fluid female to become a Princess, and to make the heirs to the throne diverse. The same applies for the religious institutions to appoint a young African gender-fluid female to be in a leadership position.

Accordingly, I challenge all Progressive activists to sign an open letter to the Saudi Royal Family and demand that the Crown Prince marry an African gender-fluid female, so the heirs to the throne can be fluid Afro-Arabs. Similarly, African gender-fluid females should be given the positions of Caliph, Mufti, and Ayatollah.

Being that the Progressive Left demanded diversity in the British Royal Family due to it being a “strength”, I trust that the Progressive Left will equally demand this of the Saudi Royal Family as well. And if they refuse to comply, I urge the Left to send their greatest Anti-Fact warriors to Riyadh and Tehran to give them “an offer they can’t refuse”. I am sure the Muslims will avoid confrontation and cave-in to pressure just as much as the Christians.

I dare the Left to make these demands; in fact, I beg them to!

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