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Man crying "Allahu Akbar" tries to run into Berlin synagogue with knife: he is released by the police

Police subdue, arrest 23-year-old, apparently a Syrian refugee, who also shouted ‘Fuck Israel’ in Friday incident; German media says probe ongoing but suspect released from custody

The scenes were dramatic on Friday when at 17:30 a man suddenly crossed the security fence in front of the New Synagogue on Oranienburger Straße, Berlin.

Whether he is a Syrian is still not clear. The nationality is not clarified according to police. According to the residence permit his name is Murad M., he is 23 years old, and was registered in Berlin in June 13, 2017. His residence permit is limited until December 12, 2020.

According to witnesses and security staff the man said in quiet tone, but clearly audible "Allahu Akbar" (God is great in Arabic), the common Islamic prayer. He is also said to have called "Fuck Israel!".

According to a police spokeswoman, a colleague asked the attacker to keep away, but Murad M., whose appearance, the officials later classified as rather "European", ran unimpressed. Even then, when the security men asked him: "drop your knife and stop immediately!" But again he continued and screamed "Alluha akbar!"

The attacker stood "in threatening attitude in front of the gate" of the synagogue. Policemen approached the man from the side and hit him with pepper spray. He was immediately subdued and disarmed.

As he had no police records he was released from custody. This is irreesponsible and a dangerous message sent to the public: come here, carry out a terrorist attack, if you fail, we'll let you go. He is now free, walking in the streets of Berlin. He might come across a Jew, or another "infidel" but German authorities trust we are safe with terrorists on the loose. This is Germany, believe it or not.

The media, always covering up
Journalist Matthias Lukaschewitsch, from B.Z. Berlin gave the attacker the benefit of doubt: "Did security guards prevent a bloodbath in front of the New Synagogue in Mitte? Or did they stop a mentally disturbed, suicidal man on Friday afternoon?", and he even put doubt on the report by witnesses and the security guards who were there: "He allegedly screamed 'Allahu akbar'".

Let's suppose he had psychiatric issues, let's lie to ourselves that this has absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Let's be kind and use "allegedly", "supposedly", "apparently" when describing the actions of Muslim terrorists, but let's make sure as well to throw all sort of unfunded claims against anyone who doesn't fall within the victim stereotype as proposed by the left.

Man crying ‘Allahu Akbar’ tries to run into Berlin synagogue with knife
Messer-Mann (23) bei Attacke in Neuer Synagoge in Mitte gestoppt

Photo: B.Z. Berlin / Shutterstock

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