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Homophobic violence is rising, but a group of offenders is concealed

Greens and left mourn the increase in homophobia in Germany. But they do not want to talk about Muslim immigrants as perpetrators.

Let's start with a matter of course: If we shy away from talking about acts of violence and / or their perpetrator group, then on the one hand this violence will not go away and on the other hand we will charge blame for ourselves. As simple as this causality is, so stubborn is the refusal to name immigrant crime, immigrant racism and immigrant hostility as such.

Again, media, for example Die Zeit, reports an increase in homophobic acts of violence. The message goes back to a request of the left-wing fraction to the Federal Government, namely to the Ministry of the Interior. His reply says that the number of acts of violence against lesbians, gays, bisexuals, trans and intersex people (LSTBI) has risen sharply in recent years.

The ostracism of homophobic violence is not a question of quantity, but has to concern every individual case. And by the way, it also has to concern property damage to facilities of the affected groups. Even a request from the Greens has brought a disturbing numbers of cases to light.

More frightening about this, however, is the denial of the actual causes of this increase in acts of violence and property damage against fellow human beings who simply want to live as they wish and how they feel about it. It is downright grotesque, for example, when Doris Achelwilm, a member of the Bundestag of Die Linke (The Left) said about the increase in violence: "It's essentially the result from a social climate that puts minorities in new quality under pressure and threat."

Is it still undecided, even more ideologically selfish in the sense of the political agenda, if it fails here in a criminal way to name horse and the rider?

Above: examples of articles published by The Local Germany. All those attacks were committed by Muslim migrants, but that information was not mentioned. A different approach would have been taken if the attacks were carried out by Germans.

In May, 2018 the media claimed that between 2015 and 2016 the number of reported attacks in the capital grew by 12 percent, and that there was a 42 percent increase in the same period across Germany. Such dramatic figures might correspond to a sudden change in 2015, but what could it be? In just within a year Germans became homophobic? The increase of attacks started right after Merkel decided to open the borders to all illegal Muslim migrants in September of that year, but we were told that the country as well as the rest of Europe would experience a cultural enrichment! Who could have thought that Muslims would bring their primitive, violent ideas, just as they brought their luggage.

Tichys Einblick interviewed Rebecca Sommer about this increase in homophobic violence. The human rights activist and refugee companion explains about this violence:

"I hardly know Muslim refugees, and I know many who don't shy their faces in disgust when it comes to homosexuality. And that includes the moderate ones too. This is something that scares me especially, because it shows how contrarily two cultural worlds clash here. Our government, along with the Left and the Greens, have opened a silent cartel saying that homophobia, anti-Semitism, misogyny of women, contempt for non-Muslims and racism are being imported as a live culture with the vast majority of illegal Muslim immigration flows."

All that Sommer said on record is not even a secret. The facts would be on the table if they were not wiped away again and again. If, for example, Foreign Minister Heiko Maas complains about this increase in homophobic violence, but does not specify where exactly the increase in violence in recent years is coming from, then one can call that cowardly, if not even anti-group. Because even that is part of the government's task even by the Basic Law: protecting minorities. Analyze, name and prosecute perpetrator groups in order to contain this violence consistently, to ostracize it and finally banish it altogether.

One reads one report at a time about homophobic violence in Muslim countries, but remains silent when this violence becomes present and increases among immigrant Muslims. These homophobic attacks often start in migrant housing, when people have finally taken refuge there, who really have to fear for their lives because of their homosexuality in their country of origin and then encounter a German reality where they are humiliated by their country fellows.

Immigrant anti-Semitism and homophobia will keep us busy as the government, NGOs, the Left, the Greens, and even the advocacy groups themselves continue to refuse to fight this import as such. Then, those who refuse to prevent this violence, who refuse to defend our value system without compromise, are also complicit.

"Homophobe Gewalt steigt, eine Tätergruppe wird verschwiegen" (Tichys Einblick, 02-10-2019)

Photo: DPA.

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