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Germany: shooting near synagogue in Halle: 2 people killed

After last Friday's terrorist attack in Limburg, Germany faces another day of terror as a deadly shooting broke out in the eastern German city of Halle.

Halle police confirmed on Twitter that "multiple shots were fired" and that multiple suspects fled the scene in a car. One man has been detained and more details will be released later today. Two people were killed.

Police say the scenes of this attack are a kebab shop and a synagogue. At least one of the suspects was wearing a military-style combat uniform and was armed with "multiple weapons," eye-witnesses told local public broadcaster MDR.

More shots were fired in the city of Landsberg, east of Halle. The perpetrators are said to have fled in the direction of Leipzig.

23:00: Authorities arrested a 27-year-old German, Stephan B. and have indicated that they believe he acted alone. It is said he was acting alone. He was live streaming the attack.
15:11: The two people killed were a man and a woman.
15:06: The suspects were apparently trying to invade the synagogue near the crime scene. At least two offenders are said to have fired in Halle. They separated after the attack - one of the suspects is said to have fled by taxi. The police stopped him on the highway. The second attacker is still being searched, Spiegel Online reports.
14:59: Leipziger Volkszeitung reports that there is another shootout, in the community Kabelsketal near the highway 14.
14:52: Police protect synagogue in Leipzig.
14:41: one of the victims is a girl who came from the tram stop.

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Photo: Twitter.
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