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Moroccan refugee caught traveling with no ticket, but 12 different identities

He was evidently quite sure that Deutsche Bahn's transport guidelines did not apply to him. A 42-year-old Moroccan reacted aggressively on Sunday morning when a train attendant wanted to check his ticket aboard the train Eurocity 7 from Hamburg to Interlaken. He did not have one.

Since he also had no cash to redeem a ticket, and screamed at the employees of the Deutsche Bahn desperately in Italian, they called the federal police for support. One the trained arrived in Bonn, he Moroccan man was detained by police officers.

When checking his identity by fingerprint, it was found that the man was being searched in the police search system by 13 different prosecutors. Alone in nine cases because of traveling without tickets.

Considered for deportation
But that was not all: the police's computer provided even more information about the Moroccan. He was registered in the past with twelve different names, and was searched in Italy, the Netherlands and Germany for unauthorized stay and was considered for expulsion. Now he is in custody.

The case is reminiscent of an asylum seeker from Eritrea who was caught masturbating in an ICE train in 2016. Since he had no ticket and no cash with him, he had to leave the train in the company of the Federal Police for identification. It turned out that he already had 189 criminal charges for fraudulent benefits and over 40 thefts on his crime record.

Added to this were other acts such as trespassing and property damage. Unlike the Moroccan from the Eurocity last Sunday, the 22-year-old Eritrean at the time after consultation with the prosecutor, however, released again.

What to expect
Probably nothing will happen with this criminal. After all, the German authorities are known for their ineptitude and laxity in the protection of the community.

In Berlin, only the Neukölln district has equipment for verifying falsified identity cards. In all other districts of the capital, the authorities must rely on the data provided by asylum seekers.

In March, the police in the city of Ruhr caught an African who had been using 24 identities, something that has become repetitive among African refugees as part of the economic fraud against the welfare system, but there is another danger, as the case of Anis Amri shows. The Islamist terrorist of Breitscheidplatz Christmas Market in Berlin in 2016 had used 14 different identities, was involved in several criminal activities, and as if that was not enough, it was also found that the German authorities themselves were found manipulating the terrorist's police file. This is specially alarming, as it was recently reported that Arab clans are infiltrated in the police and other public services in Germany.

In the face of another imminent refugee crisis, Germany is once again in a situation of unexplained vulnerability and security deficiency. They learned nothing in all these years.


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