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Taking a knee: how “social just us” and blood-money merged

Written by John (the other John).

The concept of taking a knee in popular culture in the modern era began when American footballer Tim Tebow “took a knee” on the sidelines during games to pray to God; in fact, with this act of praying, his name was transformed into a verb known as “Tebowing”. In response, the American media and fellow athletes insulted him for this callous act of praying to God; how dare he??? So inconsiderate!!! There is no room for devoutness in the National Felon League.

Turn the clock ahead to Colon Kraepernick, another American footballer who also “took a knee”, but it was not to pray to God, but instead to demonstrate his hatred of America, the flag, the military, the police, etc… As disgraceful as this was, the media and his fellow athletes embraced and endorsed this most unpatriotic act. In fact, to conceal the disgracefulness of this act, they rebranded it as being an act of “social justice” (a/k/a/, to hate your country). In response, there was a backlash against the NFL. But much like a hero in the night, woke-Nike came to the rescue and paid Colon millions of U.S. dollars to be the face of “social justice”. With Nike, came other woke companies and billionaires in the promotion of “social justice” and in denouncing all things America and Capitalism.

As these random acts of wokeness continued in these sports leagues, an interesting one was in the National Basketball Association (NBA), in which the players decided that the owners of the teams should not be called “owners”, as the title reminds the players of white-Capitalist slave owners owning the players on the planation known as a basketball court. As far as what I read in history books, slaves were not paid millions of U.S. dollars to play with their round ball. In response, the NBA did not await controversy nor protests; instead, the NBA was very proactive in expeditiously handling this matter and reached a quick resolution. So now, the owners are no longer known as “owners”; instead, they are called “Governors”. (Next will be that the Governors should not be of European-descent as it reminds them of slavery). With this act, San Antonio Spurs manager Gregg Popovich went on to say that white people should be worried, and that they have “white privilege”. (Although I am not sure how being white is a privilege in [for example] South Africa, Pakistan, Japan, etc…).

So up to now, it appears that “social justice” opposes America and capitalism.

As much as patriotic Americans condemned the actions of these wokesters, time would only tell if they remained consistent on this message. HOWEVER, then came China. Instead of having fictional repression by America, it became actual present day repression by China upon the people of Hong Kong. So the question became, will these “social justice”-heroes stand up for the rights of the people of Hong Kong.

The Houston Rockets manager tweeted in support of the human rights of the people of Hong Kong (after all, who could oppose human rights?). Well, the response by China was vindictive against the NBA by cancelling the broadcasting of games on Chinese TV. “Who cares” you say? I certainly don’t care. But the NBA, Nike, and other “social justice” companies and people certainly did care. The Rockets manager was quickly condemned and forced to delete his tweet for (God forbid) supporting the rights of repressed people. The NBA President Adam Silver made a very neutral statement that “the NBA will not put itself in a position of regulating what players, employees and team owners say or will not say on these issues…We simply could not operate that way.” That does not sound very supportive. Why was he very pro-active to rename the owners as “Governors” (as a way to stick-it the “white man” and America for some fictional modern day repression), but is generic and bland to actual modern day repression by non-white China?

Then Golden State Warriors manager Steve Kerr who constantly criticizes America was surprisingly silent on the Chinese repression of Hong Kong. (The issue is not that complex: freedom v. tyranny). No comment Steve? But finally came King James (Lebron James), the poster boy of NBA “social justice” who was ready to speak out (as he constantly does against America); perhaps in support of human rights. He said “We do all have freedom of speech, but at times there are ramifications for the negative that can happen when you're not thinking about others and you're only thinking about yourself.” Huh??? What did he say? If Trump (or any white person) shut down the free-speech rights of an African-American, there would be hell to pay. But for China, he says it is ok to shut down the free speech of a fellow African-American. (As a side note, neither Colon Kraepernick nor Nike spoke up for the free speech rights of an African American). What am I missing here?

But before we answer that question, let us also talk about other “social justice” companies. Apple and Google both removed apps associated with Hong Kong’s antigovernment protests from their digital stores, so Chinese police could more easily cause violence upon unsuspecting citizens. So these two companies are not only silent on the issue of Hong Kong, but they are actually accomplices to repression. (Just as were SNCF trains in transporting victims to their persecution). Nevermind other U.S. technology firms who are creating facial-recognition software for China to repress its citizens.

So what we see here is that “social justice” warriors are quick to condemn America for anything and everything regarding fictional repression, but are quick to be a lapdog to China who actually represses people today. So why is that? BLOOD MONEY!!! China has 1.4 billion consumers, whilst the U.S. has 330 million consumers; so basically, the U.S. is a mere secondary market for these “social justice” companies. It’s all about blood money, tens of billions of U.S. dollars annually. These companies know that it is very profitable to hate America, while it is very profitable to be a lapdog to China.

That my friends is “social just us”!

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