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AfD, the scapegoat for all violence before the Thuringia state elections

Immediately after it was known that the attacker of the synagogue in Halle was a German, many of us knew that the incident was going to be used against any conservative or critical opinion of the government, particularly against AfD due to the upcoming elections in Thuringia.

Without any evidence Karl Lauterbach and Boris Pistorius blamed the AfD for the attack, and Bavaria's Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann (CSU) said that AfD had a share of responsibility as "intellectual arsonists". CDU leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer accused the party of being the "political arm of right-wing radicalism" (link).

On the radio and on tv the AfD is mentioned endlessly in connection to the antisemitic attack. Vice Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) insisted in linking AfD to the Halle attack. "The AfD can not deny its responsibility on this issue," said the Federal Minister of Finance (link), and accusations went evern further. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich stressed that the perpetrator was "moved by a system of agitation, chauvinism and right-wing extremism," and that "the AfD is part of this system." The group leader of Die Grünen, Katrin Göring-Eckardt argued that AfD "wants to abolish the democratic system and destroy the country." (link).

Again, no evidence has been provided for all the accusations.

AfD Group Chairman Alexander Gauland said that the opening of the border in 2015 created the climate for radicalization of the German society. Gauland recalled that there had been no vigils after the Breitscheidplatz terrorist attack and the murder of Jewish Susanna F. by a refugee.

Getting things straight: who is behind the violence
On July 5, 2019 the American Jewish Committee (AJC) in Berlin, questioned the statistics published by the Federal Criminal Police (BKA): "The statistics of the German BKA on the offender groups do not coincide with the perception of those affected. An EU-wide survey of young Jews underlines this finding: the question was asked about the perpetrators in the context of the most serious anti-Semitic experience." (link)

The survey shows that the groups of offenders are the following:

So, 31% of the attacks are carried out by Muslims, 21% by left-wing extremists and then, in the third place, right-wing extremists with 14%. However, in Germany, anti-Semitic attacks are labeled as far-right incidents by default if the identity of the attacker is unknown. In this way, the police contributes to a serious distortion of statistics, but no one seems concerned to make adjustments. The distortion is the perfect tool for the left to censor and incite violent attacks against dissenting voices.

Right-wing vs. Left-wing violence
According to the 2019 management report released by the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND), most of the violent attacks come from left-wing extremists.
So, the questions one might ask are, why do we keep talking only about right-wing extremists in Germany? Why do we never get things straight and deal with the fact that the anti-Semitic offenders are mostly Muslims? Why left-wing incidents (violent or not) get a free pass? How are we supposed to address any problem if the government and the media pretend not to see it? And finally, as the answers are more than obvious, another question: Aren't the enemies to democracy and social stability in Germany (although this is also present in other Western countries) the left-wing political elite and "journo-activists" concealing a group of criminals due to ideological sympathy?


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