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Frankfurt: Muslim wants to build Islamic swimming pool

FRANKFURT / MAIN. The small businessman Abdullah Zeran wants to build a swimming pool in Frankfurt am Main for Muslims only. "We want to build an Islamic-run swimming pool that respects and obeys religious rules and values. The rules of Islam to be used will be observed," it says on a dedicated website.

"The most important thing will be the separation of swimming times for men and women. This trend can already be seen in many public swimming pools ", the initiators are pleased to announce.

"We are of the opinion that, in particular, many Muslim women, most of them immigrant, are unable to swim," it says. "Furthermore, many women do not want to be in a swimming pool with men. In addition, the number of Muslim men who want to visit a male-only swimming pool is increasing due to the interpretation of Islamic regulations."

"I am German patriot"
Zeran sees the project as a measure of integration. "It does not matter, one goes to the mosque on Fridays, the other on Saturday in the synagogue, the third Sunday in the service. We have a lot in common, "says the soap manufacturer to Frankfurt Neue Presse. It is, so to speak, perfect integration when a group no longer has to apologize for doing things differently than the other.

He is German, says Zeran. "I have only the German passport. I am a German patriot, perhaps more patriotic than some who attack me." With the Islamic swimming pool, he wanted to make an offer to Muslim parents who would have a problem with their children visiting swimming lessons at school.

Currently Zeran is still looking for money, then a building plot will be chosen to start with the construction plans. Supporters will receive a multi-purpose voucher for entry, drinks and food as well as products later sold in the swimming pool, according to the website.

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